You can pay for your Bloody Mary with tampons at this period-themed brunch


You can pay for your Bloody Mary with tampons at this period-themed brunch
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If there’s one thing we love about weekends, it’s Bloody Marys.

They go with brunch foods, roast dinners, and are even great alone, thanks to the fact they fill you up a little bit with the thick tomato juice.

The little kick of alcohol is also a welcome twist.

Topically, they are also the star of the show at a period poverty brunch – the Bloody Big Brunch – that’s happening tomorrow (Saturday 10 March) in Glasgow.

Brunch fans are required to pay for their Bloody Marys with a box of tampons or sanitary towels, and all items donated will be given to the Trussell Trust, to distribute to those in need.

‘The idea for the Bloody Big Brunch has been bubbling away for a few years now,’ explains Bloody Good Brunch co-founder, Lee Beattie, who’s also the owner and director of creative agency WIRE.

‘It all started when I was in a supermarket and spotted boxes of tampons literally chained up with security tags, a CCTV camera aimed at them and warning signs everywhere – it was a really bizarre scene.

‘I snapped a pic and posted it on my social channels, with a witty caption. It wasn’t until a friend told me later that it was part of a bigger crack down and I was horrified. I had no idea, but women were desperately stealing sanitary products because they couldn’t afford them.

‘My business partner Pam Scobbie and I have been chatting about doing something ever since. Then when we read the recent Women for Independence research that one in five are resorting to using socks, toilet paper, newspapers and rags as substitutes we knew we had to get behind the cause.’

bloody big brunch
Great garnish (Picture: Bloody Big Brunch/Facebook)

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The Bloody Good Brunch details

When? Saturday 10 March, 12pm – 4pm

Where? The Wee Guy’s, 51 Cochrane St, Glasgow G1 1HL

There will be non-alcoholic Bloody Marys available, as well as other red-themed brunch dishes, which can be yours for between £4 – £7.

Pretty Ugly will be DJing, and there’ll be spoken word from award-winning writer Cat Hepburn.

The brunch welcomes everyone, regardless of gender or womb status.

Check out the event’s Facebook page, and if you can’t make it to the brunch, you can donate on their JustGiving page.

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