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REPORT: USA Is Shockingly Not The Worst Country For Women


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1:28 PM 03/08/2018







The Georgetown Institute For Women, in collaboration with the Peace Research Institute of Oslo, released their annual Women, Peace and Security Index this week.

The index reports on women’s well-being, equality, and security in every country based on several deciding metrics like education access, legal discrimination, and intimate partner violence. And despite what’s preached on a regular basis, the United States is actually not the number one worst place for women to live in the world.

Turns out, Syria and Afghanistan are tied for the number one spot. Surprising indeed, since we’re constantly told that radical Islamic terrorism is nothing more than a protectionist delusion and burkas are empowering. It turns out that those notions are actually riddled with falsehoods.

According to the GIWPS index, Syrian women receive an average of seven years of education and Afghan women receive four. Only 12% of Syrian women are employed while 16% of Afghan women are. 37% of Syrian women experience discriminatory norms in the legal system and 51% of Afghan women report discriminatory norms, not to mention many women die in childbirth and very few women are actually literate.

Meanwhile in the US, women receive an average 14 years of schooling, 55% of women are employed, and only 1% report discriminatory norms. There’s no civil war raging here in the US like there is in Syria and we’re founded on western, Christian principles. There’s no Shariah Law here, homosexuality and adultery aren’t punishable by death, and women aren’t forced into arranged marriages as soon as they’re of age.

Of course none of these facts push the narrative the “socially conscious” media and its political counterparts would like us to believe. In the land of reality, real women face real problems in Arab and African countries. Their rights are scarce and they live in constant, legitimate fear. But according to schools and so-called information outlets in places like New York, LA, and DC, America is sinister. Women must fear for their lives in America. They never know when they’ll be taken advantage of by the gender wage gap or the brutality of a traditional marriage.

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